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Thatcham Jewellers offers a restringing service for pearls and beads. This is an expert skill and requires a qualified person to do it properly therefore we employ the services of an accomplished “restringer” and the service takes approximately three weeks from Saturday to Saturday to complete the job. She uses silks or elastics in various colours, as appropriate, and will restring knotted or unknotted.

There is a wide range of new clasps available and often replacement beads if your “broken” item has some missing so do always ask the question if you want to regenerate your necklet/bracelet. Pricing varies depending on the amount of work involved and materials supplied but a starting cost would be £15 to £20. The skill reflects the amount of time taken to do the job so restringing luxury pearls will take the same amount of time as glass beads of very little value therefore it may not always be worth doing the job. However we will be very happy to advise you at no cost and give an estimate so you can make the choice.