Jewellery Repairs

We offer a full repairing service for jewellery including stone replacement, setting of stones, chain repairing, clasp replacement, new shanks for rings, sizing of rings, claw replacement, rhodium plating etc. Most repairs would need to go to our off-site workshops however some unsoldered work can be carried out immediately and on the premises. Work which goes to our workshops will take approximately two to four weeks.

All items left with us for repair will be receipted and taken good care of. Occasionally we are asked by someone for assurance that their diamond will not be swapped or replaced, without their knowledge! The answer is:- we do not enter into anything dishonest or untrustworthy.

Pricing varies according to the work required and we have a reputation of offering expert advice and a value for money service. We will be happy to estimate any work before proceeding but we do need to see the item to do this and often the goldsmith needs to see the work.

We offer a restringing service for pearls and beads. This is an expert skill and requires a qualified person to do it properly therefore we employ the services of an accomplished “restringer” and the service takes approximately three weeks from Saturday to Saturday to complete the job. She uses silks or elastics in various colours, as appropriate, and will restring knotted or unknotted.

There is a wide range of new clasps available and often replacement beads if your “broken” item has some missing so do always ask the question if you want to regenerate your necklet/bracelet. Pricing varies depending on the amount of work involved and materials supplied but a starting cost would be £15 to £20. The skill reflects the amount of time taken to do the job so restringing luxury pearls will take the same amount of time as glass beads of very little value therefore it may not always be worth doing the job. However we will be very happy to advise you at no cost and give an estimate so you can make the choice.

Watch Bracelet Alterations

We offer a watch bracelet altering service and minor repairs such as rivets and new pins to repair the bracelet. These can usually be done while you wait or we may need to ask you to leave your item. Most watch bracelets can be shortened on the premises and costs £10.00, pins range from £2 to £5.00 and rivets may be £3.50 to £5.00.

We can add links back into your watch bracelet provided you have the original links and pins to use. The cost for this is £10.00

NB: Watches purchased from us are adjusted to fit at no extra charge.

Insurance and Probate Valuations

We offer a valuation service for insurance or probate purposes. Items need to be inspected, measured and weighed before a certificate of value can be issued therefore we may need to hold your items for two to three weeks. Large lots with numerous items may take longer. We are happy to advise on timing and pricing at the time of inspection. The lowest cost for this service is £15.00.

We are also able to estimate replacement costs for you should you have to provide the same to your insurance company following an adverse incident. This has to be noted as “described by customer and not seen by the jeweller” however is acceptable to most companies as a way of pricing a replacement item. The cost for this service is £25.

Other Services
  • We have built up many suppliers and contacts over the years for new, second hand and antique items which means we have a high success rate in sourcing particular items for customers so, please, ask us to help you locate that special gift.
  • To help our customers purchase their dream items and enhance our efforts to be a truly local service oriented business we offer a “lay-away” system. In other words – we will take your chosen items out of stock and allow you, our customer, to pay regular amounts towards your selection. This is quite informal with very few “rules” and works well. The only rule is that the item has to be paid for before we box it up to go!
  • Gift certificates are available for any values and have no time limit for use in part or fully.
Watch Battery and Strap Service

We offer a replacement service for watch straps, pins and batteries. We keep most batteries in stock and have a wide choice of leather, plastic, cloth and metal straps. Where possible, we will fit either while you wait or for you to collect later in the day, if you prefer.

  • Batteries supplied are of the best quality with very competitive pricing. No extra charge for fitting our own batteries.
  • Watch pin prices start at £3.50 with no additional cost for fitting.
  • Watch strap prices start at £8.95 – fitting our own supplied straps has no additional cost.

Watches which are water resistant to 50 metres or more and are required to be maintained for that purpose will need resealing when the battery is replaced – this cannot be done on the premises but can go to our in-house watch maker or be returned to the manufacturer at your preference.

Pricing varies accordingly and estimates can be obtained for you.

Watch and Clock Repairs

We offer watch repairs via our two watch workshops plus we have accounts with many watch manufacturers for those repairs which are exclusive to them. (usually because they choose not to offer parts outside of their company). Part repairs are possible through our workshops such as new glasses, stems, crowns and replacement movements.

Clocks are repaired within our own workshop if movements are quartz (battery). unfortunately we are unable to offer a repair service for mechanical clocks.


We offer three types of engraving service to silver, gold, pewter, silver plated items, brass, resin and base metal – this is a professional skill therefore we use expert engravers. Most items can be engraved including jewellery, wedding rings, tankards, christening/birth gifts, watches, clocks, trophies, pens etc. We do not engrave glass unless purchased from one of our suppliers, who will engrave for us as part of the order.

Types of engraving are 1) Hand engraving, 2) Machine engraving, 3) Seal engraving.

  1. Hand engraving means each letter is carved by hand using the customer’s design or a style we have for you to see, on a NAG Card. There are many styles of lettering to choose from on this National Association of Goldsmith’s Card – which is a national reference for engravers. This type of engraving is recommended for jewellery such as wedding rings,  a signet ring or pendant.
  2. Machine engraving is accomplished by the engraver using a sophisticated cutting machine (not to be confused with some key cutting businesses) and is ideal for trophies, tankards, watches and silver plated gifts etc. The choice of lettering is Italic or Block.
  3. Seal engraving is used for reproducing a family crest on rings, cutlery etc. It is a deep engraving, sometimes in reverse for sealing wax use. This would normally be carried out on metal, such as gold, but can be engraved into stone, such as carnelian or bloodstone. This service takes an average of four weeks.

Pricing varies according to the type of engraving service required. We will be happy to estimate any work before proceeding.

Gift Wrap
We offer a complimentary gift wrapping service for our customers who prefer not to do the task themselves. We keep a limited choice of papers and ribbons however you are very welcome to bring your own choice which we will then use to wrap the gift you have purchased from us. Unfortunately we can only wrap the gifts purchased from us (we have been asked to wrap an entire Christmas gift collection but we think it was a joke!)
Replacement Product Lost Stolen Valuations

Valuations are undertaken for Insurance or Probate purposes and involve an inspection of item(s) which takes time and requires items to be left with the shop for up to two weeks. A receipt is given for any customer’s item left with the shop.
A valuation is the opinion of the valuer and is based on experience, knowledge and current market situation. This is then written in detail on a certificate in duplicate.

The cost for this service is £5 plus 1% of the value with a minimum charge of £15.

Insurance Replacement Value can be approximated and expressed via a letter following a description from the customer should items be lost or stolen as often insurance companies need guides as to the replacement value.

This is provided at the cost of £10 and is deductible from the purchase should the item be replaced us.

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